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Cedar Grove




Tagline: Strength is her weakness. Weakness is her weapon.



Cedar Grove Details


  • ASIN B07FRH4LKX (ebook)

  • Release: Brita Addams, 

  • Subgenre: historical fiction

  • Length: 111,662 words/464 pages (novel)

  • Cover artist: Kelly Shorten/KMD Designs


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Cedar Grove blurb: 


In keeping with a promise made by her father to her mother, Uranie Delacroix has lived the life of a Southern Belle, with all the refinements afforded members of the Louisiana planter society. But she’s never belonged in either her father’s world or her mother’s, and that will come to set her apart from everything she knows.

When the War Between the States threatens the stability of the South, nothing is as it was, nor will it ever be again. Her determination drives her to do things she’d thought herself incapable. But her strength is also her weakness and her weakness is her weapon. As the Yankees pillage and plunder the countryside, and Cedar Grove, Ranie’s actions come with a price.

When is enough too much?

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