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New Beginnings

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to part ways with Dreamspinner Press. The possibility had loomed for months, so I didn't decide due to anything other than a thoughtful review of events and the fact that the horizon doesn't look any brighter than it did a year ago.

I won't pile on the complaints, as I have few. Aside from the financial issues that are ongoing, I've enjoyed my eight years at DSP. Having gone through the Noble Romance debacle several years ago, as well as having dealt with other publishers that folded under shady circumstances, leaving authors questioning what happened, I've appreciated DSP's rapid response to my request for rights reversal. I wish them well, and hope that their troubles are resolved soon. And that's all I have to say about them.

For Men Like Us, Tarnished Gold, Tarnished Souls, and Beloved Unmasked, which I renamed Tarnished Past - Beloved Unmasked, are now in my hands. I've given Beloved the name I originally planned for it, as it was always intended to be a Tarnished novel. Now it is.

While I loved the original covers, the copyrights belong to the artist. The books have shiny new covers, which I love in their simplicity. They each tell something about the book, in a simple, uncluttered way.

While the books will be off the market for some time, I will have them available this year, after I've given them a thorough once over and changed a few things that need attention. They'll be available in ebook and print, at a lower price than was previously offered.

I have two completed novels on my hard drive and hope to have them available this year as well. They are in the editing phase right now. More on them when the time is right.

I'm writing a new Tarnished novel as well. I can't completely leave that world. :) It draws me back every time I see a picture of Clark Gable. LOL

Writing is a business, and the details are complicated. Not everything goes according to plan, much like life. I've taken the step to self-publish my work, as I've been bitten once too often. Might I try another publisher in the future? I never say never, but for the foreseeable future, I'm trusting myself to do what is best for me.

As always, I thank my readers for their support. You've made my ten year writing journey worthwhile. I love hearing from you. I look forward to the next phase of this trek.

Until next time.


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