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About Brita Addams

Prompted by her love of history, Brita Addams has tromped around old cemeteries and dusty town hall basements for over twenty years as a non-professional genealogist. She’s uncovered some juicy stories about her ancestors that may or may not have already found their way into her writing. Her Timeless Obsession embellishes on one such story, with liberties taken for time travel, another of her fascinations. For several years, she lectured on genealogy aboard cruise ships, as part of their Enrichment Programs.

After her youth in blustery Upstate New York, Brita lived in Iceland for a couple of years before her former spouse's military transfer to the sultry South in 1972. She has a loving, supportive family, including her native New Orleanian husband of forty-one years, who makes killer gumbo and potato salad. After years in the Big Easy, she and her husband moved to the Frog Capital of the World (yes, that’s a thing,) to be closer to two of their three grown children.

She and her husband  love to travel. They've taken no less than twenty-five cruises and countless long car trips, as well as completed a Civil War battlefield tour, and visits to many sites involved in the American Revolutionary War. Their 2013 anniversary tour of England, Scotland, and Wales gave her fodder for many new tales.


On a trip to Hollywood, California, she stood in the footprints of some of her favorite actors—Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, Tyrone Power, and many others, at Grauman's Chinese Theater, and she's even kissed Mickey Rooney.


A bit of trivia—I pronounce my name, Bree-ta, and not Brit-a, like the famous water filter. Brita Addams is a mash-up of my real middle name and my husband's, with an additional d and s.


Readers can find me at any of the following places:





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