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Tarnished Gold 
Tarnished novel #1


Release date - March 23, 2013


350 pages

All formats


Follow farm boy Jack Abadie as he searches for fame and love in the Golden Age of Hollywood.












Tarnished Souls: Frankie & Gent 

Tarnished novel #2


Release date - November 19, 2013

90 pages

All formats


Mob boss Frankie Monetti runs afoul of those who put him in power. 









Beloved Unmasked

Cherished One #1

Tarnished novel #3

Release date - October 16, 2015

276 pages

All formats


Will facing the past destroy David or give him everything he's ever dared dream? 









For Men Like Us

Release date - September 12, 2012

186 pages

All formats


Guilt drives men to extraordinary measures to right a wrong.










Her Timeless Obsession

Release date - August 25, 2015

222 pages



A love that transcends time.










Lucien & Serenity - Sapphire Club #1

Release date - August 25, 2015

222 pages



Rules don't exist, anything is possible










Prentice & Desiree - Sapphire Club #2

Release date - August 25, 2015

222 pages



Guard your heart. Passion comes at a price.











Thornhill's Dilemma - Sapphire Club #3

Release date - August 25, 2015

346 pages



A love as intense as it is forbidden.









Demands of the Heart

Release date - March 20, 2016

250 pages



One must answer the demands of the heart.




Cedar Grove

Release date - July 2018

464 pages

Mobi, ePub, PDF

Strength is her weakness. Weakness is her weapon.

Release Date - October 2018

391 pages

Mobi, ePub, PDF

To soar you must fly, to fly you must dream

Crossover characters
Lucien & Serenity Damrill appear in all three of the Sapphire Club books
Jack Abadie from Tarnished Gold is mentioned in Tarnished Souls and Beloved Unmasked, but he doesn't appear.
Uranie from Cedar Grove appears in After Dark Rag. 
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