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Virtuous Intentions

Within each virtuous intentions lies a secret
Southworth Saga
Book 1

Lured by the promise of a substantial inheritance, ne’er-do-well English aristocrat, Avery Southworth, sets sail for America. Avery’s purpose is to revive his uncle’s war-ravaged plantation, and make it, once again, a profitable enterprise. A task made easier when one possesses land management skills, but that man isn’t Avery Southworth. He brings with him his valet, Elijah Goran, the man Avery has depended upon for years to make him look good, in all things.

Avery’s death at sea compels Elijah to make a well-intentioned decision. With the simple words, “Are you Mr. Southworth?” he buries Elijah Goran and becomes a better version of his employer.

As Elijah’s recovery plan goes into full effect, he and the uncle’s ward, Cecily Petitpain, grow closer, a circumstance Elijah hadn’t foreseen, and one that threatens his tenuous grasp of the situation. Cecily has seen her share of disappointment and heartache, and considers honesty the single most important quality in a man.

Time and again, opportunities to clear his conscience go the way of the wind. When circumstances unexpectedly force his hand, can he find a way to his virtuous truth, without destroying the delicate trust that is paramount to the woman he loves?


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