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About Brita

Prompted by her love of history, Brita Addams has tromped around old cemeteries and dusty town hall basements for over twenty years as a non-professional genealogist. She’s uncovered some juicy stories about her ancestors that may or may not have already found their way into her writing. Her Timeless Obsession embellishes on one such story, with liberties taken for time travel, another of her fascinations. For several years, she lectured on genealogy aboard cruise ships, as part of their Enrichment Programs.

Since 2010, she has written more than twenty novels, eleven of which are currently published. All historical, in various sub-genres, including erotic romance. Settings vary from Regency England to the Golden Age of Hollywood to 19th and early 20th Century New Orleans. The Delacroix Saga includes Cedar Grove, a Civil War-era historical fiction, and After Dark Rag, the story of a young ragtime musician. 

She is a proud LGBTQ ally, and has written two Rainbow Award-winning novels—Tarnished Gold and Beloved Unmasked, each taking the honors in the Best Historical and Best Book of the Year categories in their respective, consecutive years.

Since 2016, Brita has set her historical fiction and romances in and around the New Orleans area. Through extensive research, Brita has fallen in love with the city as it once was, and plans to write many more stories with the City That Care Forgot as the backdrop.


Brita and her husband love to travel and have taken some spectacular trips, including to England, where they toured the fabulous country estate at which Brita set her Sapphire Club three book series. Having grown up in blustery Upstate New York, Brita has lived in the sultry South for many years. She has a loving, supportive family, including her native New Orleanian husband, who makes killer gumbo and potato salad. After years in the Big Easy, she and her husband moved to the Frog Capital of the World (yes, that’s a thing,) to be closer to two of their three grown children.

You’ll find Brita in the following places. She loves to hear from readers. Click free read on her website to download An Evening at the Starlight.


A bit of trivia—Brita pronounces her name, Bree-ta, and not Brit-a, like the famous water filter.


Contact Links:


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Published Works


Tarnished series


Tarnished Gold

Tarnished Souls - Frankie & Gent

Tarnished Past - Beloved Unmasked

Sapphire Club series


Lucien & Serenity Sapphire Club #1

Prentice & Desiree Sapphire Club #2

Thornhill's Dilemma Sapphire Club #3

Delacroix Saga

Cedar Grove

After Dark Rag

Stand Alone


Her Timeless Obsession

Demands of the Heart

For Men Like Us




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