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Thornhill's Dilemma - Sapphire Club #3


A love as intense as it is forbidden... 

Staid Phillip Allard, the Duke of Thornhill, has hidden his true nature behind his ducal mien since his earliest memory. An heir, mired in honor and duty from birth, he approaches every aspect of his life with unemotional logic. Alexander Chilton is a man of voracious sexual tastes, but more, he desires a relationship with someone who will fill the chasm in his life.

They meet at the Sapphire Club, and find in each other a balance neither had ever found before...until a young debutante inadvertently involves Phillip in her defiant quest.

Lady Hope is curious and accepting, but although Phillip cares for her, he can never love her as she wishes. When tragedy occurs, guilt leaves Phillip lost and numb.

Will he find his way back to Alex, or has he burned the one bridge that matters most?

This story in the latest edition, is in places, considerably different than the first edition. It is also much longer. If you read Chocolate, Tea, and the Duchess, I invite you to read Thornhill's Dilemma. Much more story. 

This book contains a couple of menage scenes, M/F/M. It also contains spanking, voyeurism, and sexual activity between two men. 




This third installment in the Sapphire Club series is very different than the first two. This one tore my heart out and left me a blubbering mess. It is a terrific tale of love and loss, sacrifice and love. The journey of the characters feels like an epic tale, I loved the book from the beginning. - Miss Heidi


Emotional and heartfelt, rich in history. A must read for fans of LGBT historical romance! - RoseWolf


Thornhill’s Dilemma is a marvelously written love story that is very emotional. The characters are quite appealing and superbly developed with believable flaws and imperfections. The sex scenes are exquisitely detailed and smoking hot. The storyline is brilliantly executed and Brita Addams throws in some twists and turns are very unexpected. Fans of erotic historical romances do not want to miss this third installment in the terrific Sapphire Club series. Kathy - Kathy's Book Reviews and More

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