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An Evening at the Starlight

Please enjoy this story of everlasting love. You may read here, on the site, or download the PDF to your computer. 

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An Evening at the Starlight

John has a hard time forgiving and forgetting, and his wife Christie's tired of trying.

Doe and Royal's love story reaches through the years and gives hope to a young man who's lost hope in his relationship.


An Evening at the Starlight is a tale of a once in a lifetime love that wouldn't die. Might be exactly what John needs to move past the hurt and cherish the love he has.

Review from Crissy Morris: 

This story is beyond beautiful. The story is so powerfully beautiful and touching that I couldn't put the book down. It's a story of everlasting love and forgiveness. A story of moving past the hurt and doubts. It's a lovely, lovely story all around. I just love it. 

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